Why Everyone Raving About The Midnight Library By Matt Haig

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The journey called life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to stay positive and maintain one’s sanity. However, with a little positivity, we can conquer any obstacle.

Matt Haig’s new release is like a beam of light in a dark room. If you are feeling down lately, you just shouldn’t miss this one latest release.

The Midnight Library by Matt Haig: 9780525559474 | PenguinRandomHouse.com:  Books

Below are the 7 reasons why it is so. 

Chaos Of Existential Crisis

Nora Seed has lost her job. Her cat is dead. She is devastated by other sad events of her life. She decides to end her life. Speculating the thought, if she should be alive- she discovers a library. 

The Mysterious Library

In the library, time doesn’t move. It is always midnight at the library. What does the library signify? What does the library offer? A range of possibilities and what-ifs. The library let Seed choose the possible lives she had or she can choose in the future. 

A Book Full With Versions Of Oneself

The books in the library have a volume for each aspect of her life. There are numerous possibilities stacked within the shelves. This book shows us how every decision we make, it has a bearing on our lives. To choose a path is to commit to a path and deprive others at the same time. 

The Importance Of Little Things In Life 

The library while letting Nora choose lives within alternatives, teaches readers and Nora an important life lesson. She learns how the little act of kindness and small efforts can bring the positive change she needs in her life. In fact, it is the many small things that constitute a big happy life. 

Healthy Discussion On Mental Health

Nora is a girl who is on verge of committing suicide. She feels hopeless, futile, and empty. The book doesn’t shy away from talking about the vulnerabilities of feeling alone and powerless. The discussion of insecurities validates the plethora of feelings one can experience at any point in their lives. 

Hope Can Come In Any Form 

The book is an optimistic way of looking at our problems and issues. The book presents the library as the rescue Nora needed. It also emphasises the fact that looking within oneself and facing mistakes can take us in the right direction. 

Books Can Bring Change, Indeed

The journey of Nora from a stressed person to one who could just celebrate her life is a beautiful one. They say books can bring change to our life, Matt Haig shows us how. 

Have you read any of Haig’s books?