Teachers’ Day Special: Five Books That Taught Me Life Lessons

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Life has always been a series of permutations and combinations. Amidst lows and highs, we learn, re-learn the ways of life. In our journey, teachers play a great role. They become the catalyst to our process of growth.

To mark the teacher’s day, we have come up with books that changed our lives. In fact, learning is about sharing experiences and wisdom.

Chronicles: Volume One by Bob Dylan

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Who doesn’t want to sway their bodies on the beats on Dylan’s music? This memoir captures a version of our favourite musician at his intimate best. The book talks about real-time to the readers. The thought process, interesting observational details, and extraordinary interpretations make this book one of its kind. This book is filled with the wonders of American life in both city and country settings.
This book is for everyone who thrives to live and surround themselves with art. This journey of man presents an honest depiction of how life is shaped of an artist.

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Hemingway

After Paris Attacks, A Moveable Feast Bestseller List

Hemingway is somebody, we all have read at some point in our life. His life is no less than a tale in itself. This book is a peek inside the life of an unknown writer who is unknown to the world, during his twenties. This book is a warm recollection of times when the writer we know today, with big laurels is in making.
The book primarily speaks about young Hemingway and his days in Paris. This book is a treat for everyone who enjoys literature from the 20th century. The reason being, he also talks about his contemporary writers including Joyce, Lewis, Scott, and many more.

Dreams from My Father by Barack Obama

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Growing up of mixed heritage, Obama knows his father more as a “myth, than as a man”. This book talks about coming in terms with a divided inheritance and learning the best of both.
The book presents a vivid picture of how Obama approaches a problem and his methods of problem-solving. This book eventually teaches how to go beyond binaries and tackle situations with a humble front.

Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson

Sexing The Cherry: Amazon.co.uk: Winterson, Jeanette: 9780099747208: Books

There is no doubt that Winterson is one of the extraordinary writers, we have this century. Winterson has approached life in the most postmodern way possible. She makes us question the binaries and look beyond what is expected and accepted.
Sexing the Cherry might seem like a text which revolves around Jordan and the Dog lady. However, it deconstructs the notions of heterosexuality and stereotypical gender roles.

Strait is the Gate by André Gide

STRAIT IS THE GATE V27: Gide, Andre: 9780394700274: Amazon.com: Books

A teenager talking about growing up in Paris. This book is filled with aspects of love, infatuation, and everything in between. The book isn’t something which can teach us a lesson about our conduct in life. Although, it presents an intimate picture of a teenagers’ mind.
This book can serve a great source for all those who are interested in learning the psychology of an adolescent. It paints how and what influences a young and tender mind.

Happy Teacher’s Day, Folks!