7 Reasons To Pick The Latest Release By Ferrante

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Fall, Halloween, and the coming of winters should be welcomed with the discussion of adults. Ferrante is here with her latest release and it’s time we pick our reading glasses and sit by the light for another delightful journey. 

Let’s meet Elena Ferrante 

Who Is the Real Elena Ferrante? Italian Journalist Reveals His Answer - The New York Times
Photo taken from The New York Times

Elena Ferrante is a pseudonymous Italian novelist. She has been called one of the most influential people in 2016 by Times magazine. She has been shortlisted for many prestigious awards including the Man Booker’s Prize. She is most known for her Neapolitan novels. She has been a famous woman without a face till very recent times. 

The buzz around 

The Lying Life of Adults has been one of the most anticipated books of this year. The book was originally written and published in Italian, last year. The reception was good which made the readers more so curious for the translated version. 

The Lying Life of Adults

Giovanna’s face is changing. She is “turning ugly” according to her parents. They say she has been looking like Aunt Vittoria, the aunt she doesn’t know.  

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This book is the journey of Giovanna trying to find her reflection. Her pursuit of truth takes her in different parts of Naples. 

 Search for meaning to structure one’s life

Giovanna is ardent about finding traces of her aunt, the mystery lady to her. Struck between two comments-“ugly” by her father and “beautiful” by the young man, Roberto. She oscillates to find a balance. The dilemmas and decisions taken by her present a beautiful tale of transformation of an adolescent into an adult. 

Perfect blend of contrasting ideas

Ferrante has given us characters which not only inspire us but teach us ways of life. Her latest number is full of suspense, strong-willed characters. Yet, she doesn’t compromise with showing the vulnerabilities of the same. 

A transition well shown

Ann Goldstein: A Star Italian Translator - WSJ

The book opens with the lead as a child who listens to her parents. Gradually, she becomes a sulking teenager. With time, she attains maturity. However, the book is a beautiful reading of teenagers’ behaviour. It maps the concerns and passions of an average teenager and blends into a transition very smooth. 

A movie….. soon?

Readers who like to read before watching a book unfold into a motion picture must get their copy asap.  

Netflix and Italy's Fandango to Adapt Elena Ferrante Novel 'The Lying Life of Adults' Into Series | News Break
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Ferrante’s other works have been adapted into an HBO series. This book is going to soon be a part of Netflix library. 


Ann Goldstein translated the book in English. So, it’s a double treat. Not only are we reading the ideas and plot by Ferrante but also ideas and merging with language by Goldstein.

So, convinced to pick up her new book?