5 Swedish Writers One Must Read

Swedish Authors
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Sweden is a literary hub from the times immemorial. From hosting the Novels to encouraging new styles, the country has always presented ample resources. With translation, Swedish literature seems graspable.

To know a country, one must read it’s literature and so here’s a list of 5 Swedish Writers we swear by. If you aren’t reading them, you’re missing out!

Fredrik Backman 

Backman’s humour is contagious. One cannot miss the tinkle of quirk in his work. A writer who is superbly accessible to different age groups has a calming effect through his words. His bestsellers include The Man Called Ove.

Fredrik Backman (Author of A Man Called Ove)

His latest release Anxious People revolves around impossible people coming together to be held in a hostage. The main plot is a crime setting. Though unlike the genre, it’s filled with comic elements. On a large level, this book is about human connections and relationships. 

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Backman is an author who can read for pleasure. He could be your companion for the commuting distance one has till office, or can simply be put up with the sunscreen and sandwiches to the beach party. 

Stieg Larsson

Larsson is believed to be on any thriller genre lover’s TBR. Even though he faced an untimely death during the initial part of the century, his Millennium Series hasn’t dropped sales ever since its release. 

Stieg Larsson (Author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)

Larsson is majorly regarded to be a writer dealing with thrillers. However, to not acknowledge the subjects he took up for his books seems unfair. His work is sound about sexual violence against women.

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Being a journalist professionally, his language seems very crispy and apt. He is very vocal about the extremist organisations in his country. In conclusion, his dealing with various social subjects is not to be missed. 

Camilla Läckberg

Best selling author Läckberg is known for her crime novels. Her genius lies in writing which resonates with a filmic excitement. Her novels are amalgamated with elements of everyday ordinary life and hence increasing the originality factor in her settings. 

Camilla Läckberg - Wikipedia

Some of her latest releases include Wings of Silver, The Golden Cage, and The Ice Child.

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Her work has been translated into forty languages over sixty countries. Her genius lies in her depiction of in-depth characterization. Before she indulged in writing, she was an economist. In her pursuit of writing, she has chosen crime as her genre. Although, she has also written some entertaining children’s books about Super-Charlie. 

Jan Guillou

Jan Guillou cannot be described as a singular occupant. He started as a journalist, wrote books, and now owns Sweden’s one of the largest publishing houses. He still writes columns. 

Jan Guillou (Author of The Road to Jerusalem)

He started his career as an investigative journalist and wrote novels featuring the spy called Carl Hamilton. He also commented on the politics in his political thrillers. Apart from that, he also indulged in producing some historical fiction. 

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Some of his best works are  The Bridge Builders, Heritage of Arn, and  Dandy. 

Jonas Jonasson 

The former journalist takes his life experiences to write The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and DisappearedThe book has not only achieved to make Jonasson popular but also has taken the memoir genre on a higher level. Jonasson writes with a warm comfort that widens our horizon of worldly affairs and presents a fresh perspective of looking at life situations time and again. 

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His other novels are The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden andHitman Anders And Meaning of It All. 

Let us know in the comments down below if you like humorous Backman or mysterious Larsson more.