5 Reasons Why Everyone Is Talking About Jordan Ifueko’s Raybearer

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How many times do we sit and discuss fictional characters as if they are real? I do it, all the time.

It’s surprising how a work of fiction holds so much importance in our lives. It is true that we live and die many lives through books. The treat of reading intensifies when we get acquainted with lovable characters. Jordan Ifueko has come to add on to our list of favourite fictional characters.

It’s time we drop everything else and start reading Raybearer. You ask me, why?
Well… Read on…

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Who is Jordan Ifueko?

Ifueko is a Nigerian-American author who is debuting with Raybearer. The book features a strong-willed girl and assimilates themes such as fantasy, politics, and social commentary.

A Girl Struck In Dilemma

Tarisai is sixteen. She learns the purpose of her birth. She is commanded to kill the prince she desires to work for. All she longed for is love and warmth of a family. But the question is, will she fulfill her purpose of life?

Women Making Changes To The World

Tarisai’s mother is called The Lady. There is always a sense of mystery playing all through the narrative. The beauty of the book lies in its characters. Each character has a mind of its own. However, the portrayal of the women character is fresh and praiseworthy.

First Installment Of Duology Series

This book can be regarded as the first one in the series. Whoever enjoys superbly loaded thematic treat must not miss this wonder. It is the first installment of a fantasy world filled with love, loyalty, faith, magic, and destiny.

A Twisted Fantasy Genre

We pick fantasy to escape our surrounding reality. Ifueko has taken the challenge of blending the imaginative genre to blend it with tradition. Raybearer discusses colonialism and imperialism in a world created by her. Not only does it provide a solution, but also forces the readers to alienate their situation which allows them to think rationally.

When will you pick up this beautiful new release?