Your Next Trip Should Be To One Of These Bookstores

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If you are somebody who always has a book in their hand and another two inside their backpacks be it any trip.

You should not miss the following bookstores along your way.

Shakespeare and Co Bookstore

You are in the City of Love and you cannot help but remember all the poems by Ezra Pound or all the quotes by Ernest Hemingway or James Joyce, you should head to this bookstore. This bookstore completed a century last November and had been a gathering spot for all the writers above mentioned. It was opened by an American lady called Sylvia Beach and has only been closed during the Second World War.

Libreria Aqua Alta

Libreria Acqua Alta a Venezia, tra: gondole, canoe e gatti! - 3 Pietre

Do you love classics? And adventure literature?
How about getting all the classic and vintage volumes inside a ship under the same roof?
Well, to keep the bookstore is no less than an adventure in itself. This bookshop is situated right on a canal and is prone to flooding and drowning every now and then forcing the owner to adopt the pirate way of shop-keeping.

El Ateneo

El Ateneo Grand Splendid – Buenos Aires, Argentina - Atlas Obscura

You are in Argentina and you have already signed up for the Tango workshop. What else should be a mandatory tick on your list? A 1919 theatre turned into a bookstore two decades ago not only let people browse their more than 120,000 collections of books but also provide to sit and read at the still intact theatre boxes.

Book Court

Chances are the next generation bibliophiles won’t miss this place if visiting NY. This store hosts contemporary authors and there are most likely chances that a writer becomes a classic sensation a few decades down the line. Or, there is also a very good chance the person holding the door for you at the bookstore is the same person you are holding a book at the airport leaving for your city.

Cook & Book

Cook and Book in Brussels, Belgium – Bound 4 Escape

A place that serves both as a restaurant and a bookstore. They have a ceiling showcasing hundreds of books and thus you literally get to see a sky full of books in Belgium sky.

Befriending books is the easiest and wholesome affair you can add to your taste. People around the world have shown time and again creative ways to decorate a literary space. Be it painting the stairs with their favourite titles or painting a wall with all their favourite quotes.

What is your idea of a literary space?