Revisiting Twilight with Stephanie Meyer’s Midnight Sun

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Earlier this year, Meyer announced “I’m happy to announce that Midnight Sun is finally (very close to) ready! And will be in bookstores on August 4th”.

The wait is finally over. The much anticipated Edward Cullen version is out and needs to get hold of, asap.

We have 5 reasons to declare this as a book that cannot be missed.

Listening to the other perspective

Edward as a vamp has lived long. When Bella comes, she changes his ways of living, the way he sees the world.

Revisiting our favourite vampire

There has been less “room for change”. The story has been told and consumed. Since readers are already aware of the whereabouts, it becomes a delightful reading listening to Bella’s love interest.

Midnight Sun

What is inside Edward’s head?

Twilight has repeatedly been seen as Edward’s action backed up with Bella’s thoughts. Meyer has come to our rescue. She has taken the efforts of making Edward a thinking body. The book enlightens readers with facts about Edwards’s past.

Delving into teenage romance

As teenagers, we crushed over Robert Pattinson as Edward. The vampire-human love story became our canteen discussion. It’s a very good opportunity to feel tickly inside the stomach yet again.

But why after twelve long years?

In 2008, the manuscript of Midnight Sun illegally surfaced online which disheartened Meyer and she cancelled its release. Back in 2013, she mentioned in an interview, that she won’t be working in the vampire series further.
Though as they say, better late than never. We can take out our fake vampire teeth and run around the house like a lightning-fast vampire.

How excited are you to read this book?

You can buy a copy from here: Buy on ChapterOne Buy on Amazon