Read This Book If You Have Read That

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ooks are magic portals. They keep us enthralled even after we have finished reading it.  Is your bookish mind still lingering in a book’s plot? If yes, then here’s a list of similar books you should pick up!

  1. Read The Course of Love if you loved reading Normal People:

    The Course of Love eBook: de Botton, Alain: Kindle StoreBuy Normal People Book Online at Low Prices in India | Normal ...

This is a delightful tale, no doubt. But beware. It doesn’t portray the usual “and they lived happily ever after” plot. It expresses what it takes to keep the love intact after getting married. The book believes that the next step of love is not marriage but keeping it true till eternity. 


  1. Read Tender if you loved reading Eleanor and Park:

    Tender by Belinda McKeonBuy Eleanor & Park Book Online at Low Prices in India | Eleanor ...

Craving to read about first loves and innocent romance? Catherine and James hold each other to get on a safe space in their lives. Life takes a spiral when James is no longer able to find himself amid the chaos. Catherine tries hard to help only to understand that she’s hurting him more. 


  1. Read Ordinary People if you loved reading A Little Life:

    Ordinary People by Diana EvansBuy A Little Life: A Novel Book Online at Low Prices in India | A ...

Two couples have four different paths ahead of them but are waiting for their partners to pitch in. The novel is set during the times of Obama’s victory. It has a chapter on everything faced by young couples: love, parenthood, sex, doubts, aging, and sorrows. 


  1.  Read Norwegian Wood if you loved reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being:

       Buy Norwegian Wood Book Online at Low Prices in India | Norwegian ...The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera

Murakami’s Norwegian Wood is about Toru and Naoko. The former tries to adapt to the whims of campus life. The latter struggles to handle the societal pressures of a womanly life. When Naoko is busy mending her life, Toru retreats to a free-spirited, maverick young woman. A brilliant fusion of late sixties Japan, vintage and nostalgic. 

  1. Read Hotel du Lac if you loved reading Evil under the Sun:

    Buy Hotel Du Lac Book Online at Low Prices in India | Hotel Du Lac ...Buy Evil Under the Sun (Poirot) Book Online at Low Prices in India ...

Imagine writing romance novels under a pen name and facing similar situations in reality as you wrote in the book! Stunning, isn’t it? Edith escapes from this fantasy-turned-reality maze to Hotel du Lac in Switzerland. But something more mysterious awaits her there. A wonderful mix of mystery and romance, Edith will make you a part of her trail.

So, recommend us a book which is similar to your current read.