How To Find “Joy At Work”: Lessons By Marie Kondo And Scott Sonenshien

Cover of Joy At Work
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In about 200 pages, Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein teach the profound importance of tidying. “Joy at Work” is their co-authored book that positively impacts the work lives of individuals. 

 For those who are stuck in the rut of their careers, this book will be an eye-opener, a helping hand, and a valuable guide. Here are 7 life-changing lessons I learned from this book. 

Cover of Joy at Work

 Explore the relationship you have with everything you possess

How many times had we convinced ourselves that material things should not have a hold on our lives? Kondo breaks this notion through her book. She conveys that material things are, after all, the result of our hard-earned money. Material things do have a hold on our happiness. 

Let go things you no longer need with gratitude

Holding on to things we no longer need only adds more to the burden. Letting go of things offers space for the new. Moreover, it is not wrong to detach ourselves from things that don’t serve us anymore. We can offer them to people who need it more than us. 

Decluttering is underrated

To ensure more storage space, we make sure to have a storehouse in our home. But, does that clear the clutter? No. Not until we do. Clutter taxes our minds. It doesn’t let us focus on other constructive things.

Be careful about what you let your mind consume

We should be careful about the thoughts we let our mind store. What we think molds our perspectives. The decisions we take are dependent on the framework of our minds. The information we consume should not overwhelm us.

Don’t make yourself busy for the sake of it

Kondo and Scott advise that an ideal work-life is one where there is more scope for activities that spark joy than the ones that don’t. Activity clutter usurps our energy in return for zero or less delight. 

Don’t aim for a reward you don’t value

Rewards and promotions are part of careers. Earning a reward may sound lucrative. But, we shouldn’t change from the course of our goals for rewards that are mere passing pleasures. 

Pursue minimalism

“Less is more” is the rule of thumb. Minimalism is the way to better living. When we embrace minimalism, it paves the way for more space to pursue the things we need. Besides, we perform well when surrounded by little but significant things. 

So, do you feel joy at work? If not then you can get a copy of Joy At Work by Marie Kondo and Scott Sonenshein.

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