Books To Read When You Miss Your Mom

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Literature has given us moms which we cannot forget. We have seen Kunti standing beside her sons when it was most required. And we have realised from Molly Weasley that to love a child, one necessarily doesn’t have to be a biological mother to someone.

Raksha, the wolf taught us motherhood is about protecting your child even if the kid has two legs and you four. At the same time, we have encountered mothers like Miss Havisham and Margaret White also depicting all the dark shades of motherly personalities.

Let’s look at a few more mothers in bestselling books over the years.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

We Need To Talk About Kevin (Serpent's Tail Classics): Shriver, Lionel, Mosse, Kate: 9781846687341: Books

If you love dark novels, this one should be on your list. The book by Lionel Shriver narrates a strange and challenging tale of motherhood. It asks the readers a lot of unsettling questions about raising a child, and questions like how far one can love a child or will you still love your child if you know he is a criminal?

American Dirt

American Dirt: THE SUNDAY TIMES AND NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER: Cummins, Jeanine: 9781472261397: Books

A 2020 book by bestselling author Jeannie Cummins is back with another exciting fiction. A Mexican woman escapes with her son to be ended as an undocumented immigrant to the United States.
The book grabbed a lot of attention when it started receiving criticism on ” Oprah’s Book Club”. Though it has been thoroughly praised among the media reviews.


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This psychological piece by Emma Donoghue narrates the story from the point of view of a five-year-old child who is being held captive inside a room with his mother. The book has not only been recognised with several awards but also the movie based on the book did a fantastic job in Golden Globes.

Memorial Drive

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A Daughter’s Memoir
A murder has been committed. Murder of her mother. The murderer is her former stepfather.
This Memoir speaks for a loss that goes beyond repair. This tale is of absence and coping with difficult situations. Along with that, this piece inspires how an artist is made.


Afterland by Lauren Beukes

A pandemic called “manfall” has wiped off men. Women are ruling the world.
Miles remains to be the only male child. His mother will do anything to let her kid survive.
A gripping tale filled with escaping as a disguised daughter takes the readers to a promising adventure.

The Book of Rosy

The Book of Rosy: A Mother's Story of Separation at the Border by Rosayra Pablo Cruz

A mother does everything when it comes to her children. A difficult journey of a mother with her two boys. Rosayra learns inhumane policies and its implications.
The book takes the reader to a territory filled with hardships and leaves to make some eye-opening discussions.

Dancing at the Pity Party

Dancing at the Pity Party by Tyler Feder

This debut graphic novel by Tyler Feder takes you to a place where life is sans mother.
Losing her mother to cancer leaves an unfilling void. She takes her experiences and weaves a novel around the loss and coping mechanisms.

Tell us, how is your relationship with your mother?