5 Must-Watch K-Pop Shows Before You Read Vicious Spirits

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Kat Cho’s “Vicious Spirits” is a romantic tale inspired by K drama. The book is a sequel of the “Wicked Fox” which explores the myth of Gumiho: a nine-tailed fox. In Vicious Spirits, Miyoung, Jihoon, Somin, and Junu take the story ahead. 

Vicious Spirits (Gumiho, #2) by Kat Cho

K pop dramas have received great attention because of their vivid storylines and handsome characters (obviously!). The below show recommendations would suit your interests similar to “Vicious Spirits”:


Yoon Hee-Jae is a revered attorney who sweeps off his opponents in court. Just then, he falls for a woman whom he knows nothing about. Later, he discovers that she is Jung Geum-Ja, his opponent attorney. She had won not just Yoon’s heart but also his case files taking the court battle to the next level. Does Yoon still have feelings for her? 

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho

Cha Dae-Woong accidentally sets free a Gumiho. It saves Dae-Woong from a dangerous fall. He is astonished to see the Gumiho in the disguise of a pretty woman. He names her Mi-Ho and stays with her trying to keep her happy. Slowly, Dae-Woong admits that he has indeed fallen for her. 

Hi, Bye Mama

Cha Yu-Ri has been a ghost since her death. She gets a chance to become a mortal again if she can carry out a project of reincarnation. Meanwhile, Jo is a chest surgeon who was loving and kind. But after his wife’s demise, he completely becomes the opposite of what he was. Yu-Ri reappears in front of Jo only to be dismayed at his changed attitude.

Who are you?

The story is between two police detectives who are complete opposites of each other. Yang Shi On has the ability to see spirits after a 6 year-long coma. Cha Gun Woo believes only in concrete evidence. The two detectives assist spirits to rest in peace at a lost and found center. The story takes a twist when the spirit of Shi On’s former boyfriend comes to the scene, making it a love triangle. 

Witch’s love

Three generations of witches have been living in Seoul. They maintain a low profile and explore their humane powers on earth by falling in love. Like “Wicked Fox”, this drama focuses on strong ties with witch hood. There are handsome protagonists and a quirky house-owner who make the plot interesting. Undoubtedly!

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Have you read Wicked Fox? If yes, are you excited for Vicious Spirits?