5 Bookish Podcasts That You Must Listen To

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There was a time when radio used to be the major part of our households and the entire entertainment system. However, with time radio somewhere lost its charm and gave way to televisions, VCRs, mobiles, and tablets.
Though we see a revival of listening culture with different podcasts and audiobooks gaining a great deal of popularity among people.

So, today we have brought a handful of bookish podcasts recommendations for you to join in the trend and enjoy listening to the bookish delights while relaxing or carrying on with your daily chores.

Reading Women

Reading Women knocks at your door every Wednesday. They focus on women writers. Each month brings two topics for this channel. Those two topics are further discussed in a span of two episodes or two weeks.
Reading Women “reclaims the bookshelf” with women around. One can expect interviews, reviews, and discussion from the channel.

Black Chick Lit

A podcast series hosted by Join Danielle and Mollie explores the works of Black women writers covering different genres. The podcast is black women-centric and really focused which helps you engage in the Black feminine discourses. If you have a paper to submit by the coming week somewhere around this topic and still not sure where to start, listening to the podcast will definitely help you gain a perspective.

Hey YA

It’s no secret that the Young Adult genre is one of the most popular categories these days. This podcast is a dedicated platform for all the YA lovers. The show is hosted by the editors of Book Riot where they try taking up all kinds of topics of interest to a YA. Ofc. Duh!!

The New Yorker: Fiction

The New Yorker: Fiction | WNYC | New York Public Radio, Podcasts ...

A podcast is older than a decade now running successfully by the New Yorker fiction editor Deborah Treisman. Treisman reads and discusses with different authors reading books by other authors. It’s a monthly reading and conversation you cannot afford to miss if you live and breathe in the world of books.

What Should I Read Next?

How many times have we been in this situation and we keep staring at the shelf with all the unread books giving us glances unable to decide, What Next?
Well, Anne Bogel runs a podcast just for us. She recommends books based on interviewing readers about their likes and dislikes, current read and past reads, etc. It’s the “matchmaking” we need in our lives.

If you have also been hooked to some podcast(s) and it hasn’t been mentioned above, feel free to comment down below and add to the lists of the fellow readers and book lovers.