Laurie Anderson’s Wonder Woman is here to save the world

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Who knows well to handle sensitive topics with so much ease and humor than Laurie? A National Book finalist, Laurie Anderson is known for her efforts to upfront intellectual freedom and struggles against sexual violence. Wonder Woman had always been everyone’s favorite Superheroine. The author has her own interpretation of the character.

Here’s a unique interpretation of Wonder Woman for young adults:

Princess Diana’s sixteenth birthday will be quite different. Well, that’s what she believes it will be. She wants to get into the cult of the Amazons. While the celebrations are going on, a fleet of refugees breaks in through the Themysciran barrier. Stunned, Diana assists them, only to be swept into the sea, pulling her away from everything she had. Diana becomes the new refugee.

Themyscira is mysterious and thrives on injustice. With dangers inflicted on anyone and everyone, Diana has to put an end to it all; bring the land on the path of justice and join the tribe of the Amazons.
Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed will be the most interesting depiction of the character you will ever read. Hats off to Laurie!

The leitmotifs

Laurie’s words and Leila del Duca’s illustrations explore an array of themes and leitmotifs such as bullying, sexual harassment, refugees, communities without any identity and home, child trafficking, and whatnot! Sadly, these issues are to be addressed now than ever.

Diana Princess is more relevant to this era because of her hard, feminist demeanor. That’s not all; the author has done a great job in explaining what a teenage woman faces: acne, menstruation, cramps, and mood swings. The catchy and vibrant illustrations add more to the character, making Diana strong and determined.

Another highlight in the book is action. No, the action does not necessarily signify physical violence and fight. Our protagonist believes in setting a paradigm for others by using her silence as a weapon. She stands against poverty and injustice, but never demands violence as an answer.
Finally, the book also talks about immigrants and their roots. Some find their origin as a burden, while for Diana it’s the other way around. She proves that one can find a home away from home, and live life to the fullest.

Our Verdict on Wonder Woman: Tempest Tossed:

The most relevant YA fiction is right here! In just about 200 pages, the book summarizes innumerable issues lurking in the corner, waiting to be heeded.

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