Colours of A Suitable Boy on Mira Nair’s Canvas

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“India is a free country now” said Lata

Vikram Seth published A Suitable Boy in ’93. Since then, the book has been one of the longest books printed in a single volume.


Set during the early years of this country. The infant country is yet to know what it means to be an independent state. The political names are picking sides they want to be in. People are looking at the social surrounding through the same story of nationalism they acquired their freedom with.

A Suitable Boy (A Suitable Boy, #1) by Vikram Seth

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An ambitious project with a huge cast

Mira Nair has been responsible for making films like Salaam Bombay, The Namesake, and The Monsoon Wedding. Nair, a critically acclaimed filmmaker, is debuting with six-part television drama to be aired soon.

The series will be available soon to India and the world through the OTT platform, Netflix. This ambitious project involves acclaimed actors like Tabu, Ram Kapoor, Randeep Hooda, Rashika Duggal, Vijay Verma among others. However, rising stars Tanya Maniktala and Ishan Khattar are put as faces of young rebel blood.

Why should one not miss the show?

The series focuses on everything Indian. The blurb informs, at the core it’s a love story of Lata and her mother’s determined search for a groom. Yet, the book isn’t defined by marriage itself. It’s a family saga involving Mehras, Chatterjis, Kapoors, and Khans. (Not to mention, a lot of Khanna, Durrani, and whatnot).

Starcast of 'A Suitable Boy' Poses On The British Vogue Magazine

This is a kind of book which can be found under every category in a bookstore. It just not endorses Romance but political wakefulness too; not just talks of high-end families but also vocals for subaltern causes. A fictional town, Brahampur situated right between Benaras and Calcutta makes for a well detailed historical fiction.

Have you read A Suitable Boy or will you watch it first?