7 Reasons Why Your Next Read Should Be ‘The Vanishing Half’

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Brit Bennett was born and raised in South Carolina. She had a knack for fiction since young. She received the Hopwood prize for short fiction and the Hurston for College Writers. 

 After her first novel “The Mothers”, “The Vanishing Half” seems to promise only the best for readers.

Brit Bennett on Her Buzzed-About Debut Novel, The Mothers | Vogue

Here are 7 reasons why this should be your next read!


The book is a coming-of-age story, known as a bildungsroman. Stella and Desiree are twins who grow up in a black community for almost sixteen years. The author has showcased their growth from youth to adulthood. The plot revolves around various incidents of their lives.

 Spellbound prose

Very few books keep the reader’s attention intact with various characters. The book has many perspectives to explore. But, it still keeps the reader engaged. The intergenerational element is organized well in the story. 

Twists you never see coming

Brit Bennett’s characters come to life when you never expected. Stella and Desiree are contrast twins. Though the story moves back and forth in time, the twists will make you jerk!
There are too many stories in one. You never know when and how the author will connect two diverse characters.

 Best for book clubs

If you and your friend are looking for buddy reading, then this one is the best option! Due to its timely nature, book clubs can brainstorm and share their thoughts. 

 One for our Black brethren

Poignant and emotional, the release of the book helped increase awareness about the black community. Bennett has placed colorism and racism apt in two unique narratives.
Bennet has boldly addressed the issues faced by an entire community through the eyes of Stella and Desiree.

 New age Toni Morrison

Great authors may leave for heavenly abode, but their words still live amongst us. Toni Morrison was one such author. Brit Bennett may be considered as Toni Morrison of this generation. The author has impeccably placed racism and color in the core of the plot.

Pages to screen

HBO has come forward to adapt “The Vanishing Half”. The Black Lives Matter Movement helped the book strike a chord with readers. Get ready to watch the Vignes twins on TV!

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