7 reasons why you must read “Cemetery Boys” by Aiden Thomas

Cemetery Boys, why you must read “Cemetery Boys”
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Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas


re you in the search for a thrilling young adult fiction that will keep you occupied for a while? A book that is hinged on mysteries and spirits? Then Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas is the one for you.

Cemetery Boys is the story of Yadriel. His family finds it tough to accept his gender. The boy wants to prove himself a brujo (sorcerer). His best friend and cousin Maritza comes to his rescue. With her assistance, Yadriel performs an unusual ritual intending to set free his murdered cousin’s ghost.

Chants gone wrong, Yadriel is stunned to see Julian’s ghost in place of his cousin’s. Julian being the bad boy refuses to go back to silence. He has his motives to accomplish before retrieving. So, Yadriel has no other option but to help. He finds a growing feel for Julian and doesn’t want him to leave. 

Here are 7 reasons why you should add Cemetery Boys to your TBR:

The protagonist resonates with young minds

Yadriel is Aiden’s brainchild aimed to break representational stereotypes. The author’s personal experiences have taken the form of a powerful character. As a young adult, this Latinx trans teen boy is among all of us. The boy’s struggles to open up on his identity in front of his conservative family are placed well in the book. This reason was enough for us to convince us to read Cemetery Boys ASAP. 

Julian- the summoned ghost and love interest of Yadriel

Julian is not a serious ghost. He has goals to achieve but he is down-to-earth. Once he was a young boy. It was sad to know that he didn’t get the time to explore the world and his choices. Dying young is not the concern of Julian. Missing his skates and other teenage things is his character. 

Julian is classy and brings the much-needed sass to the plot. His character glues Yadriel to other sources in the story and sets the ball rolling. 

Exploring Latinx trans identity

Thanks to Aiden for bringing an authentic novel that stands as a voice of the trans identity. You don’t have to be one to understand and relate to the book. The book perfectly finds a balance between addressing LGBTQ+ topics and the main outline of the story. 

Cemetery Boys Is a Paranormal Story

Magic and paranormal themes need to strike a chord with the reader on the first page. Otherwise, they don’t connect well. Thankfully, Aiden with Cemetery Boys has summoned a brujo family that is still in contact with the Mayan gods. Bestowed with power, Yadriel’s family communicates with spirits and help them to seek a peaceful after-life. This streak of thought may sound usual. But, the author has presented it with a new touch. 

Maritza- the supporting character

Maritza is the only one who supports Yadriel in times of adversity. She is dynamic. Her presence in the plot is important for the budding romance between both the protagonists. She has her own problems to solve. This makes her presence heavy and realistic. 

How families confront identity issues

Thomas is versatile enough to present a realistic family in the book. Here is a family with fathers finding tough to openly talk with their kids, aunts with eyes wide open to catch details, and uncles always ready with a stance. The family nuances are presented pragmatically.  

The writing style of Cemetery Boys

The author has boldly addressed issues that are quite relevant in these times. It is a must-read YA fiction to step in the shoes of diverse identities. Queer or not, it leaves a deep impact on every mind. 

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7 reasons why you must read “Cemetery Boys” by Aiden Thomas
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7 reasons why you must read “Cemetery Boys” by Aiden Thomas
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