7 Anime Series if you Enjoyed Reading Manga Comics

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ith streaming services engaging audiences everywhere, there is no dearth of content for watching/binging anymore. Numerous adaptations of popular books, short stories, plays, comics are in the works. 

So, here are 7 Anime Series that you can watch if you enjoyed reading manga books.

Fullmetal Alchemist

The original anime adaptation of the bestselling manga was a force to reckon with. Situated in a world where magic was real, but the trade-off for practicing it was great, Fullmetal Alchemist established a lot of rules that its readers/viewers had to keep track of while going through it. Thankfully, the anime ensured that the rules were shown in action a few times until the audience got it. 

Death note

A high school kid comes into possession of the “Death Note,” a black book which can be used to kill people if you know their name and face – what could go wrong? The series, both manga and anime, delivered on suspense and thrill that became their trademark. 

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul thrives on its ability to depict its violence in the most compelling and gut-wrenching way possible. It is set in an alternate dimension where ghouls live in society and survive by consuming human flesh. The story follows Ken Kaneki who becomes half-ghoul following an attack and must now integrate into both ghoul and human society without revealing himself.  

One-Punch Man

Known for its off-beat comedy and endlessly humorous parodying of popular comic book franchises and characters, One-punch man is the superhero we all look up to when we want to have fun. The titular character Saitama is a simple superhero who is strong enough to defeat any monster with a single punch. The irony is that this bores him immensely. The manga’s adaptation to anime was rejoiced by old fans and new audiences alike, and its second season was highly anticipated.

Demon Slayer

A heartfelt adventure anime series, Demon Slayer follows the adventures of Tanjiro Kamado who becomes a demon slayer, and his sister Nezuko, who becomes a demon following an attack on their family. The anime has dark elements that make it worth the watch. 

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

This is a famous manga series that came out in the 80s and is still going strong. Numerous story arcs have depicted the story over the years before it was finally adapted to an anime series. There was also a live-action film released in 2017. The anime is well-known for its use of colour schemes. A testament to its popularity is that it is still ongoing both as a manga and an anime series. 

Attack on Titan

A world where humanity is shown living behind giant sky-touching walls in fear of colossal titans that eat humans, Attack on Titan follows the life of Eren Yaeger whose mother is eaten during an attack. After training for 5 years with his friends, he joins the army to defeat the Titans. Its anime adaptation is dark and extremely visceral in its depiction of the violence and holds nothing back in its depiction. 


Which was the last Manga Comic you read?