6 Book Adaptations You Must Netflix

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Book Adaptations Your Must Netflix – 2 Minute Read

Come quarantine, and the only thing keeping people sane is good books, good music, and good series. Forget the screen and you know your life has become a snail; moving as slow and monotonous as possible.

No worries, because we have got a cool list of Book Adaptations for you to binge-watch! Get that snack, fix the couch, and start watching!

Book Adaptations List – Comment your list and get a chance to win a free book from this list.

  1. The Luminaries

    It is a tale of love, murder, and revenge told the classic-modern way. As men and women went to other parts of the world in search of a fortune, they are pulled back by the cords of strange coincidences. The story revolves in New Zealand’s South Island.
    The author of the book by the same name is working with the cast and crew in the adaptation. The book and series will be quite different from each other. But it has already created a good expectation amongst viewers. The cast includes Himesh Patel, Eve Hewson, Eva Green, Marton Csokas, Ewen Wells, and many others.

  2. Cursed

    It is the virtual retelling of the book by the same name. It hinges on the life history of King Arthur. He retrieves the Excalibur, a powerful sword from the lady of the lake. But it comes with a perfect twist! Unlike the original story, the sword lands up in the hands of a woman. Guess who? Katherine Langford!

  3. The Outsider

    It was Stephen King’s horror thriller. The adaptation hinges on the overall same plot as the novel. It explores on the spine-chilling murder of a boy and the strange forces that are deemed upon it. The suspect is the coach of the local league. Ralph and Holly have to find out the real “Outsider” before it’s too late.

  1. The Umbrella Academy – Season 2

    It is a prime Netflix creation by Steve Blackman. The story is about Hargreeves children; siblings who are superheroes. They have to find the mystery surrounding their father’s death. Its first season aired in 2019. The series garnered a good response from the audience. The streaming platform approved to release its second season. A must watch!

  1. Kissing Booth 2

    It requires no introduction. This film hit the screens with its down-to-earth story. Now the sequel takes a look upon Noah and Elle who have officially become the new long-distance couple. With more knots to disentangle, Noah is at Harvard while Elle is doing her senior year in school. With a brand new problem to solve, the audience expects the couple to be together than ever!

  1. Brave New World

    It is the adaptation of Aldous Huxley’s novel of the same title. It is a dystopian drama to set on air. How will society look like when it has banished privacy, money, monogamy, and past? This utopian society will question your beliefs and make you think. This is one of our favourite book adaptations though.

 Comment down below which one you have decided to watch first. Which Book Adaptations are your favourite? 

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