4 Reasons Why Jennifer Dugan’s Verona Comics Tops The YA Chart

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A good young adult fiction doesn’t appeal to teenagers, but also adults. YA fiction novels are full of life and gist. They often address the issues faced by teens in a fictional or non-fictional way to allure young minds. 

From the author of ‘Hot dog Girl’ comes an exciting YA fiction named ‘Verona Comics’. So, we have got you covered with enough reasons why you should read Jennifer Duggan’s new novel!

Jubilant Jubilee and the ridgling life of Ridley

Meet our young protagonists! Jubilee is an expert cellist who is prepping for the biggest audition of her life. Erstwhile, she works in her stepmother’s indie comics store. Then there’s Ridley who is yearning for his parents’ attention. His parents own the largest chain of comic shops in the country. No wonder why there’s a cold war between both the families.

 Comic prom romance

Who doesn’t love cute and blushing romantic tales? We know you do! 

Fate connects Jubilee and Ridley at a comic prom and they begin to fall in love with each other. Their parents are constantly spying them. The lovers fear their relationship will end in troubling waters. Ridley’s anxiety keeps increasing day by day. Whereas, Jubilee has to prepare for her audition as well as take care of him.

Will they be able to handle it all? A feud between families, love, and other forces pulling them apart?

Verona Comics by Jennifer Dugan

 Addressing issues that need to be talked

Jennifer Dugan has explored many topics with a small plot. The book deals with mental anxiety. There will be hardly any reader who won’t find Ridley’s situation relatable. Dugan has done a good job employing her character well. 

Another topic addressed in the book is sexuality. Jubilee is queer while Ridley is bi. Both characters try hard to understand their preferences better. The author has portrayed the nuances of sexuality well.

The book deals well with concepts that need to be addressed. That was a brave step taken by the author. Also, its fast story makes it an intense read.

Well-spaced prose

There are two perspectives in the book. This makes the reader understand the main character and their thoughts well. Other concepts that help the story escalate well are family feuds and neglect of parents on their children. I am sure that YA readers will love this one for its small plot that motivates insightful talking.

So, what are you waiting for you! Order a copy for yourself right away

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