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Woven in Moonlight
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About The author of Woven in Moonlight

Isabel Ibanez was born to immigrant Bolivian parents in Boca Raton, Florida. She is a movie bug and a voracious reader. She coolly confesses that she often mispronounces some basic English words. But, she never let that worry her a bit. An avid Potter fan, Isabel loves to doodle, cook, and design when not nose-deep into her books.

“Woven in Moonlight” is Isabel’s novel which released in January 2020. With a staggering amount of positive reviews, Book Buzzed brings a concise review of the same. Read ahead.

The gifted ability of spinning thread in the moonlight:

“Woven in Moonlight” brings a modern folktale story in a vintage background. With surreal prose topped with magic, the book represents Bolivian culture at its core.

Ximena is the last countess of the Illustrian dynasty. Her subjects were looted by the despot named Atoc. Atoc summons spirits and ghosts with the help of an ancient, mysterious relic to get rid of the Illustrians for once and for all. While La Ciudad is under his control, Ximena is driven to take revenge to get back her people to their land. Her rare ability to spin thread from moonlight may help her attain the aim.

That’s when Atoc asks Ximena’s hand in marriage. Ecstatic to have finally got a chance to enter into his custody, she agrees. Meanwhile, spies inform her that the relic is nowhere to be seen with Atoc.

Ximena aims to find the lost relic and bring back the Illustrians to their rightful position. When she uses her ability to win the aim, a vigilante, a princess, and a pensive healer block her way. Now, the countess has two options: to make war or halt the mission forever.

An interesting representation of Bolivian culture and politics:

“Woven in Moonlight” is a tribute to Bolivia. It juxtaposes the culture, etiquette, cuisine, and politics of the country in a rich story hinged on the native Incas. Through Ximena, the Bolivian revolution is staged and Spanish influences through Atoc.

Not just the characters, but even the non-human ones have their own stories to tell. Cultural nuances are placed by the author well. They lack no depth and act as catalysts to push the story ahead.

Book Buzzed’s say:

A refreshing perspective on every page, “Woven in Moonlight” is an intriguing debut. A unique piece to be added to the Y. A shelf.

The author is currently busy writing the sequel to the book: “Written in Starlight”.

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