Why Netflix Should Have ‘Turned These Books Into Movies’

Books into Movies
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Though most of times the essence of the story is lost when we adapt books into movies, adaptations are still a hot trend. isn’t it awesome to see fictional characters come to life. Worth the watch if your favourite protagonist is played by your favourite actor!(I am thinking of Keanu Reeves) He is my absolute favourite 😀

Here’s a list of new releases we are putting on Hollywood’s radar! and these they myst turn these books into movies. We hope the listen to our recommendations. Voot Voot.

  1. The Wise Friend by Ramsey Campbell:

Patrick’s aunt Thelma was a successful artist but later, her works started to depict the occult and the mysterious. In his teens, he had found that she had been referring to magical sites. After discovering her journals, both Patrick and Roy become attracted. But Patrick gets off the hook while Roy continues the search with his beau. How will Patrick be able to convince his son that Aunt Thelma’s suspicions are real?

The “Pursuit of Happiness” actors Will and Jaden Smith will be best to play the role of Patrick and Roy. What’s your say?

  1. Pretty Things by Janelle Brown:

Nina, a petty swindler, Lachlan, Nina’s Irish boyfriend and, Vanessa, an heiress with a tragic life hidden collide with each other. The two brilliant yet damaged women try to play fair and square in a game of deception and pretense.

Blake Lively, Henry Golding and, Anna Kendrick. Sounds familiar? This cast of “A Simple Favor” movie will do justice to the roles.

Oh! Netflix please listen and turn these book into a movie. Please :/


  1. You deserve each other by Sarah Hogle:

Naomi and Nicholas are all set to marry no sooner than when they understand that their paths are meant to be different. Both agree to be each other’s’ nemesis, helping to stop the wedding once and for all. With sinister pranks to sabotage, all goes well. But fate has decided that they deserve each other, they turn from nemesis to lovers.

Henry Golding and Constance Wu will be quirky enough to play each other’s smart nemesis and also bloom out of love!


  1. Walk the Wire by David Baldacci:

FBI investigator Amos Decker is called to London along with Alex Jamison, his colleague to solve a gruesome murder case of a woman named Irene Cramer. As soon as they come to the town, they sense instant trouble. As they dig into the life of the dead, they discover that Irene was a school teacher in a religious sect by day and a prostitute by night. Before the town explodes them with more mysterious and shocking details, Decker has to find out the forces behind the deaths.


If you have watched “The Da Vinci Code” movie, you will surely choose Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou in the lead roles.


  1. Masked Prey by John Sandford:

Lucas Davenport is summoned to handle a mysterious case. No actual crime is there to investigate but only an anonymous photographer who uploads pictures of the daughters of wealthy politicians on a strange blog. Each picture is identified by a name and vicious political comments.

The “Speed” actor Keanu Reeves will slay this role as Lucas Davenport. No doubt!

So what do you think of this list? Do you have any other books in your mind? If yes don’t forget to share it with us in comments. Let us know about your choices.

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