When Will The New Twilight Book ‘Midnight Sun’ Be Published In India?

Midnight Sun
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Midnight Sun is next book in the Twilight Series but it is not a sequel. More info below. It’s Time to listen to Edward Cullen’s story!

One will have to endure the midnight to see the crack of dawn on the sky. Friends, it is Edward Cullen’s turn now.

Twilight novel fans must have got the idea of what we are talking about! The wait is over and after a long decade, Stephenie Meyer will be back with her new book: “Midnight Sun”.

Bookworms finally got the official news after it got published on the novelist’s website. The world will be a lot different on August 04th, 2020. Every reader will become delighted after the ill times we all have been facing. Meyer thought to delay the release of the book. But then she changed her mind since it won’t be just for the readers who were waiting for long. Since the world is under lockdown, many people have been seeking refuge in books. Ergo, this is the right time for listening to the broody vampire’s perspective!

Midnight Sun

The Twilight series follows the stories of Edward Cullen, a vampire and Bella Swan, a mortal. Families and friends as werewolves and human beings are also a part of this beguiling fantasy fiction. Apart from Bella and Edward, the lead couple, Renesmee and Jacob caught everyone’s eye.

Bella is an inevitable part of Edward’s life and their romance is, no doubt, the core of the series. We learn about the handsome beast’s intricate characteristics from Bella’s perspective. But still, he remains hard-core with too many details to be yet deciphered. The book will, thus, shed light on the vampire’s side, his past, his family, and many other intriguing events. Hopefully, we can welcome the latter half of 2020 with the much-awaited book!

Fans did not fail to notice the timer on Meyer’s official website. They immediately recognized something spectacular is on the way. Within no time, the news became trending. Readers and fans expect the book to be as dark and twisted as Edward himself, adding more to the thrill and mystery.

So We Are Saying

Indian fans can expect the book to release anytime by mid-October. Just a wilddddddddd guess! Because can’t wait anymore!

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