The Ickabog : JK Rowling’s Sensational New Reveal

The Ickabog
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J.K Rowling introduced her new book for children “The Ickabog” a few days ago. Since then, readers have gone by a storm, dying to know what it is about.
This time, Rowling has chosen to write for children. The idea for the book conceived not recently but a decade ago. The author had just finished writing the first draft of the book when “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” hit the surface. But due to some reasons, the author decided to quit publishing for a while and after a staggering five years, comes her new book!
About the tumultuous times faced by all of us in the world currently, children are the most affected. Rowling’s book will serve the fantasy dreams of young children now. The first two chapters of the book have been already uploaded on The Ickabog’s official website.

What’s more, the author has made it completely free for readers. Children of seven to twelve years can read it to themselves, or have it read by their parents or siblings.

Until now, the first two chapters have left no clue of what the Ickabog will take readers to. But the storyline seems to be driven from old fairy tales, kings and queens, castles, and forts. No, it is not about magic and wizards. The author has stated that her new book is not an addition to the Harry Potter series, but entirely different.

Rowling was facing the pangs of the lockdown at home when she got hold of “The Ickabog” in the attic. She added few additions, retouched it with everything a child desires in a story and announced it to the internet.
That’s not all; Rowling wants young buds to be a part of Ickabog’s journey. In collaboration with Scholastic, she has made way for children to draw and send their entries to the competition panel. The author will be providing prompts according to the chapters of the book and expects children from all over the world to join the trail.

34 winners will be gifted signed copies of the book. Scholastic will donate books worth $650 to the school or library of their choice!
The Ickabog will spark children’s imagination and creativity. “The Ickabog is a story about truth and the abuse of power… The themes are timeless and could apply to any era or any country,” Rowling said on her website.

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