Birthday Special : Why We Love Ruskin Bond?

Ruskin Bond
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If you are a reader from India, Ruskin Bond is one name which will make you nostalgic and make you feel euphoric instantly. Today on 19th May as we celebrate his 86th Birthday below our writers tell you about their take, their favourite story from Ruskin Bond. . You can tell us yours in comment. Happiest Birthday to our ever smiling storyteller Ruskin Bond.

  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Bond – Ruskin Bond – Aashima Prasad

A fat volume of short stories sitting squat on the highest shelf caught my attention at JLF when I was in middle school. I enlisted my father’s help to reach it as I recognized one of the stories titled ‘Dust on the Mountain’ from my literature reader. This might sound exaggerated but it opened up a new world for me. Stories about unusual friendships, first love, and spending some time with his father accompanied by beautiful imagery of sprawling mountains and streams. His books have taught me that small everyday things can be a source of art and pleasure as well. 

“It’s the simple things in life that keep us from going crazy.” Sure, they do.  

My favourite book by him is Notes from a Small Room. A witty and humorous collection of essays from him about everything that you can associate with him- plants, books, philosophy and cats. It serves as a gateway to know the person behind our favourite stories.

2.  My Favourite Ruskin Bond – Sneha

Like many kids of my generation, I too have grown up on a  steady diet of the wonderful tales by Ruskin Bond, and I continue to find as much joy in his books today as I did when I first discovered them. My favorite book by Bond is his collection of stories Death Under the Deodars. This is a collection of stories that combine the beauty of Bond’s usual writings with elements of mystery and supernatural. Consisting of eight short stories, this book is a cozy read. Not very high on mystery quotient, these are gentler mysteries in the impeccable Bond style. This book is perfect for when you want something lighter to read and want to be transported in the quieter, more peaceful and beautiful hills of Garhwal where mysterious incidents take place. A lovely book, this is a must read for all Bond lovers.

3. Remembering our beloved Bond. Ruskin Bond on his birthday – Suman

We all have read a story or two by Ruskin Bond in our childhood days. Sometimes as part of our textbooks and sometimes as a curious kid sitting at the last aisle of the bookstore. It is undeniable to not smell Dehradun, hills, winters and childhood in his words. 

One day, back in college, one of my friends mentioned, she along with other classmates had the privilege of meeting him in person. I decided to skip my last lecture to listen to my friend and weave a little more of the man I had known from books. Such is the magic of the person who believes himself to be a “visual writer”

If I have to pick a story to re-read after a tiring day at work, I will pick two. One, The Night Train at Deoli and two, Sussanna’s Seven Husbands’.  Ruskin Bond has been a part of growing up. We just need to pick the mood, he has something for every age group. 

4. My Favourite Book From Ruskin Bond – Halin

Ruskin Bond
Copyright Halin Roche (Book Buzzed)

UNCLES, AUNTS, AND ELEPHANTS! – Happiest Birthday Storyteller! Always fond of Bond! 

I received one of the first copies of this book in a giveaway on Instagram. I just had to answer why I love Bond. My answer got selected and I got the book. With his autograph! Nothing less of a treasure! Another versatile compilation of short stories, but what makes it unique is his poems! There’s a separate section for poetry, and Bond has nailed it!

P.S: The poems rhyme! 

The short stories as usual transport the reader to a more subtle world of innocence. There are non-fiction as well as fictional stories. My favourite tales were “Boy Scouts Forever!”, “Mr. Oliver’s Diary”, “Wilson’s Bridge”, “The Evil Eye” just to name a few. 

This book is an experience in itself: invoking a quaint affection for the romantic and lucid pleasures in life. Yearn for the simple and live with memories than materials, he keeps saying in every page…

5. Ruskin Bond and Me – Abhilash

Ruskin Bond is one of those writers who refuses to be brought down by predictability. His works vary in terms of language, style, and most importantly, story. Each tale is unique in its own way and has a method (or structure) to it that is completely Ruskin Bond. 

Like most readers of Bond, I came across his works during school. Ruskin Bond is a quintessential part of children’s literature in India and a valuable part of school education. His contributions to children’s literature have been noted. 

The first story by Bond that I read was a chapter of his first novel, The Room on the Roof, which still happens to be one of my favourite Ruskin Bond books. Never had I come across a story (let alone book) that smelt so earthy, and descriptive, filled with angst about the hardiness of life. Bond’s depiction of a world beyond the window of his room entranced me as a child, and still does. The imagery of the bazaar, the social interactions with the characters merit a reread whenever one gets the chance. 

Ruskin Bond wrote several well-known pieces later in his life, which become more famous due to their cinematic adaptations bringing them to a wider audience, but The Room on the Roof will always be an ideal place to start Bond. 

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