You Are Going To Love These Thrillers with Bad-Ass “Female Protagonist”

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Anti-heroines or secret keepers, the old popular genre – thriller can get simply more exciting when some strong female takes charge of driving seat.

Here I am presenting five such thrillers ranging from psychological, crime and domestic suspense.


  1. The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Rachael catches the same train every morning. Every day the train stops at the same signal at the same time. She watches through the window to look at one of the houses. ‘Jess and Jason’ she gives them the name. She assumes their life to be perfect but one day she sees something which changes her perspective.

The book is an unsettling thriller where nobody could be trusted. When three women are at the centre, an alcoholic, a liar and a cheat; who is to believe?


2.The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

Should you spy on your neighbours? Should you see what you shouldn’t? And if you did really cross the line, how to undo your deed?

Anna lives alone, doesn’t leave her house. She suffers from agoraphobia, has a drinking problem and keeps spying on her neighbours. One such night she witnesses something shocking. But the question arises, is it real? Or she is just hallucinating under alcohol and pills?


3.The Wife Between Us by Green Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanan

Vanessa, a divorced woman learns that her ex-husband, Richard is about to remarry. The book first appears to be plain. It seems like the story of a jealous wife who is obsessed with her replacement. She fails to be an ideal wife and falls prey to alcoholism. But. …. There you go wrong. The book reveals itself to be an account of lies, dark secrets, manipulation, betrayal and what not. The psychological thriller asks you to read but Assume Nothing.


  1. Their Lost Daughter by Joy Ellis

Two girls go to a party. Jackman and Evans receive an early morning call, a dead girl has been found on an isolated beach. Another girl is drugged and found wandering through the field. She says she has seen Emily being dragged away from the party they both attended last night. But nobody knows who Emily is. Is it all related with the illegal rave parties or with the girl who disappeared nearly a decade ago?

The second book in Jackman and Evans crime series is a crime thriller with realistic characters and some really scary settings.


  1. Disclaimer by Reneé Knight

Filmmaker Catherine Ravenscroft discovers a mysterious novel at her bedside. She is intrigued by the suspense story, The Perfect Stranger but then she realises it’s all about her. The book contains deep secrets from her past, which she thought she only knew. But when the secrets lay bare, can she attain her old peaceful life again?


If you are a Gone Girl fan, you are most probably going to like these books a lot.