Why You Should Read “The Authenticity Project”? A Review

The Authenticity Project
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What does it mean to be authentic? In a world where life is lived more in the virtual than in the real world, does authenticity have any value or meaning? These are some of the questions that are raised – and answered – in this warm and uplifting novel The Authenticity Project by Clare Pooley.

Frankly speaking If you loved Eleanor oliphant is completely fine and The Bookish Life of Nina Hill,  The Authenticity Project is a must read for you.

So What The Authenticity Project is about?

The novel begins when Monika, the 37 year old owner of a London cafe finds a green notebook left behind in her cafe. The journal is titled The Authenticity project and it has been left there by the 79 year old painter Julian Jessop who has written the truth about his life in an attempt to inspire someone else to do the same and leave the book for someone else to find. When Monika reads this journal, she is touched and decides to write the truth of her life, her desires and wishes in the notebook before leaving it for someone else to find.

Thus begins the journey of this notebook that falls into various hands – an addict, a tourist and an Instagrammar with a not so perfect real life. And as they commit their truths to its pages, they also form a bond amongst themselves and forge relationships that are way more meaningful. And gradually, as they come together, they realise the power of friendship and community. 

The book follows an interesting pattern of bringing its characters to life – through their writings the reader gets to know them and gets a sneak peek into their real, authentic lives. And yet, this book does not become pedantic or takes a moral tone with its readers. It’s a warm, funny, charming and a cosy story that will make its readers realise once again what it means to be actually alive, what it means to have friends for real and what it means and what it takes to know someone truly and deeply – including yourself.

Our Say on The Authenticity Project

With a solid rating of almost 4 stars on Goodreads, The Authenticity Project is a tale of our times. Not only is it an uplifting read, it also encourages its readers to be more than their virtual selves, to understand the value of authenticity and to look out for connections based on the power of truth that can hold people together. In an age where display of perfection is everything, The Authenticity Project is a homage to our actual, real selves.

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