Sarah J Maas is Back With Another Brilliant Fantasy “Crescent City”

Crescent City, Sarah J Maas
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Crescent City by Sarah J Maas: A Review

Crescent City is one of those books that had taken the readers, world by storm way before its release. Those readers who love fantasy and magic with pinch of mystery and romance have described it as the perfect blend of all these and given the verdict of this being one of the best books by Sarah J Maas till date.

So, what is all Crescent City about?

House of Earth and Blood is the first book in the Crescent City series (yay to it being a series) and tells the story of Bryce Quinlan, who is half-human and half-Fae. She has a life that she loves – she works during the day and parties at night. But all this changes when her best friend is murdered by a demon. Two years later, Bryce’s life is no longer the same when the killer strikes again and Bryce finds herself engulfed in the investigation. Along with her is her protector, a fallen angel Hunt Athalar and there is no love lost between them. They don’t see eye to eye and Bryce comes across to Athalar as someone who is more interested in partying than investigating the death of her best friend. But as they know each other better, they realise that they have more in common than they initially realised and decide to come together to solve the murder. Soon, however, they realise that this is more than just a simple killing, this is something way bigger in scope than either of them could have imagined. Something that goes beyond their city to the darkest parts of Hel and that threatens to destroy everything they have ever known. 

Our Verdict:

 At around 800 pages, this is a huge, bulky book which is different from her YA fantasy novels. It is a modern day fantasy where the characters live in a world that mixes reality as we know it with elements of fantasy. This book has it all – passionate romance, mystery, fantasy and will make you wait for the next in the series. If you are into fantasy and have loved Maas’s previous works, do go for this book. After all, over 33,500 fantasy lovers on Goodreads have given it a rating of 4.5! 

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