“May 2020 Releases” You Cannot Afford To ‘Miss’

May 2020 Releases
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Summer is here but your summer body isn’t? Eh. 

Well, this summer you don’t need one. Because earth is downloading it’s health and we can support earth by staying at our homes with cold coffee mugs close and reading glasses closer. To help you stay closer to the literary world, we have compiled a short reading list from upcoming releases. We have listed some of the best May 2020 releases which you must read and not miss. 

All Adults Here by Emma Straub 

After the success of Modern Lovers, Straub is all set to woo her audience again with her new release. 

The book is from 68 years old Astrid’s understanding of life, family values and most importantly parenting. 

Astrid, on witnessing a school bus accident, goes back to the memory lane to explore some of her repressed memories from her parenting days, which leads her to think over her choices as a parent she made in the past. The characters have humane flaws which make them real and believable. 

The book is filled with wisdom, humour and a lot of experiences around and about adulting. 

Clap When You Land by Elizabeth Acevedo 

We have all the reasons to rejoice even while we are all stuck at our homes; because the award-winning and bestselling author, Elizabeth Acevedo is back with a new entry to her amazing reading list. 

Camino Rios and Yahaira Rios learn about the death of their father and eventually about each other. The separated sisters will come together to discover painful truth, hidden secrets, a new reality, and the “love he divided across an ocean”.

A tale of love, loss and forgiveness will teach you new values about relationships and bonds. 

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenne

Chawton, a small village, district of Hampshire in England was the place Jane Austen spent the last few years of her life. After the second World War, a group of people decided on preserving the legacy of Austen. In order to do the same, they will undergo taking efforts which has been narrated in this fictional historical piece of work. 

The book is filled with Austen styled characters, a lot of references from her works and an insight to country life. 

No Austen-lover can keep calm until they get hold of this one. 

The Boy in the Red Dress by Kristin Lambert

A murder in New Year’s Eve at Cloak and Dagger, run by Millie. Marion, the boy in a red dress is the limelight of the show. Later some time, a socialite enquiring about Marion, found to be dead, falling from the club’s balcony. Marion is the prime suspect but Millie believes him to be innocent. So, running after clues and instincts she comes up with her own investigation. But is she there yet?

It’s high time that we start looking at literature from an ungendered perspective. The book apart from being a thriller is a narration around drag queens, bi-sexual discourses and normalised version of society which not only upgrades from the overly masculine detective plots but also paints a version of a healthy society. 

Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender

How do you feel about yourself? 

A fundamental question behind self-realisation and identity formation but, not an easy one. 

Black, queer and transgender. Felix loves and takes pride in what he is/are. But he hasn’t been in love with another person yet. He has a fear if ever he is going to find love because of his not-so-regular persona? 

Dragged into a quarrel, when somebody publicly posted his pictures from, before the transition with transphobic messages, Felix arrives into a quasi- love triangle. This complicated situation forces him to ask the fundamental question to himself. 

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