Have You Checked Our List For Best Books of 2020 – Spring Edition

Best Books Of 2020
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Book Buzzed’s best picks of Jan – April 2020

From war-torn nations to myth-busting to murder mysteries, Book Buzzed has picked up the so far best releases to not miss with! Our List with Best Books Of 2020 is –

  1. Apeirogon by Colum McCann:

The name Apeirogon means a shape with an infinite number of sides, true to the events happening in the story. Set on real-life friendship, Palestinian Bassam Aramin and Israeli Rami Elhanan live in a world of love as well as conflict. The two men lose their daughters to conflict, Abir is killed by a rubber bullet and Smadar becomes the victim of suicide bombers. Both men listen to each other’s stories as they decide to use their sorrows as an instrument of peace. The author has combined various aspects such as time, wars, politics across borders, love in a tale that is soaring with literary intellect and emotions.


  1. Had I Known by Barbara Ehrenreich:

The 2nd choice in Book Buzzed’s best books of 2020 list is “Had I Known” Barbara is a proven “myth buster by trade”. She is an acclaimed author, thinker, journalist, and political activist. Had I Known is a must-have volume of essays and articles about almost all topics ranging from food, household chores, cult, and culture, welfare to mention a few. It’s a well thought, well-researched book of essays by the most incisive critic.


  1. A Long Petal of the Sea by Isabel Allende:

The 3rd choice in Book Buzzed’s best books of 2020 list is “A Long Petal of the Sea” Late 1930s. Civil war engulfed Spain. Pregnant Roser, a widow is forced by the challenging time to marry Victor Dalmau, the brother of her deceased lover. Together they set sail to Chile, sponsored by Pablo Neruda along with around 2000 refugees, leaving behind a country torn by wars. But their tests are not over yet. Problems spring in the new land, but they find friendly people in the most unexpected places. In the end, Roser finds herself at home for eternity.

The book is rich in imagery of the portrayal of the Civil War and one of the strongest works of Allende. The Book was also part of Anniversary 2020 The Big Book Box– An Indian Book Subscription Box


4. The Third Rainbow Girl: The Long Life of a Double Murder in Appalachia by Emma Copley Eisenberg:

Tune in to pages of murder mystery of the Rainbow girls that had been haunting the Appalachia community for years. In the dusk of June 25, 1980, Vicky and Nancy were hitchhiking to a fest known as the Rainbow Gathering but never arrived. They were killed brutally in Pocahontas and for the next thirteen years no one was prosecuted until Jacob Beard, a farmer was convicted. Later a schizophrenic Joseph Paul confesses for the same murder. With passing time, the heaviness of the Rainbow murders keeps increasing in Appalachia which is sunk deep in class, gender, and race.

Eisenberg has dealt with a real murder mystery with utmost courage and intellect.

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