You’ll Feel Sad For These Characters, If You Are A True “Shakespeare Fan”

Do You Still Feel Sad For any Shakespeare's Characters
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Tribute to the writer of all ages – Shakespeare

William Shakespeare is the first name that springs to mind whenever the talk is about drama. The Bard of Avon still survives in the paper in the form of elite sonnets and plays. Very few playwrights like Shakespeare have understood that there is so much ecstasy in that realm where love and passion are shared in the form of art. Here are some of his immortal characters which seek pity in every reader even today. Yes we do feel sad for For These Shakespeare’s Characters. Comment below and let us know what do you think?

  1. Lavinia from “Titus Andronicus”:

The daughter of the play’s namesake, Lavinia’s tragedy is extremely saddening who just dreamt of marrying her love Bassianus. She is brutally raped and marred by Demetrius and Chiron mercilessly to make sure the truth doesn’t come out. But Lavinia emerges powerfully in bringing out the truth, whereby her father seeks revenge on the goth men. No, the story doesn’t end here. Titus realizes that his daughter is no longer fit to live after losing the most precious asset of a woman and kills her for whom he toiled hard to seek justice. Lavinia’s tragedy is one no woman should ever face.


  1. Feste from “Twelfth Night”:

May sound unexpected but Feste indeed is to be pitied. Shakespeare employed clowns in his plays to hit the audience with a reality check but that’s not all. Feste, the name means revel and celebration. True to his name, he entertains people for monetary benefits being the material fool of the play. He concludes the play with a song: “When that I was and a little tiny boy” the last line of which, “And we’ll strive to please you every day”, signifies the fate of Feste to express his poverty as service to make people laugh.


  1. The Nurse from “Romeo and Juliet”:

Obviously Romeo and Juliet are to be pitied for their incomplete love but they had had their share well. It’s the turn of the nurse who is the strongest confidante of Juliet. Though the nurse often sugar-coats her words, she was indeed who helped Juliet to meet Romeo. Their relationship becomes strained towards the end and the nurse seems to look like that one friend we all have who advises us but is still loathed. Juliet no longer confides in the nurse after she asks her to marry Paris and forget Romeo. The nurse is often underrated despite her motherly nature towards Juliet.


  1. Antony from “Antony and Cleopatra”:

Antony is Shakespeare’s best soldier who is noted for his bravery. Antony’s hamartia is his submission to Caesar in terms of politics and to Cleopatra as in love. His extreme emotional swings make him take away his life as he wants the world to know that he’s the only master of his life. He is raised higher to die in Cleopatra’s arms, making his love a classic one.

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