Why Rereading is Underrated?

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So many books, so little time. Ever growing tbr. An overwhelming number of book recs coming our way. Bookstgram and book tube tantalising us with newer books every day, each one seems more interesting than the other. As we book lovers try to keep up with this ever-growing list of must-reads, who has the time to re-read? As it is, we feel overwhelmed by the massive number of unread books that adore our shelves and our Kindles. How can we go back to a book that we have already read when the unread ones beckon us constantly. No wonder, re-reading is so underrated! 

And yet, let’s tell you that there is a great pleasure to be derived from re-reading a favourite. Firstly, re-reading a book is like getting into a cosy blanket on a cold day. It is the same as watching your favourite show again even when you know what’s going to happen. At times, we don’t know what kind of a book we are looking for. Or we can’t seem to enjoy what we are reading. In such a case, try and return to any of your favourite books. Familiarity with the plot and characters that you love can work wonders when you seem to be falling into a book slump.


Besides, re-reading means reading the book with a new perspective. We are growing and changing every day. So a book which we read, let’s say a few months or a few years ago, can affect us in a very different way than it did when we read it for the first time. We might discover a new theme, a new aspect or even new meanings in the same book. Our loyalties towards characters may shift, a character that appeared to be a black sheep might appear somewhat grey now. And let’s face it, few of us have photographic memories and while we may remember the basic outline of the book, we tend to forget the details and the minor aspects. Re-reading is akin to putting flesh on the bare bones of the book, as we read on we re-discover so much that we had forgotten.


So, the next time you are in a slump, or can’t decide what to read, don’t hesitate. Pick up that favourite book and lose yourself in its pages, again.