Book Recommendations From A Character You Read Last

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Hello, old sports! It’s Jay Gatsby from West Egg, Long Island. Hold on, I am not here to invite you to the Saturday night parties! With a pandemic overhead, each one of Long Island needs to stay indoors. Being aloof, someone who stays behind the curtains in parties hosted by myself, it is indeed easy for me to stay at home! But that may not be the case for you all! Worries aside, here are few books you can give a heads up till I get to host my next enigmatic party!

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie:

Because Hercule Poirot will never disappoint! The Orient Express train. A murder. Various suspects. A motive for all. Plunge into some detective fiction by Christie who gives the most unexpected endings. You will feel proud of yourself to have picked up a few clues and missing pieces.


The Moor’s Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie:

Moor, a compulsive story-teller from a spice trader family is here to take his readers on a journey from India to Spain, revealing his family tales alongside. The book is as strong and aromatic as various spices one will find in the kitchen. Rushdie has got that genius of ornate language and the kaleidoscopic range of the plot and surreal description of the settings (Cochin, Bombay and Spain) will leave one bewildered and amazed.


Uncles, Aunts, and Elephants by Ruskin Bond:

Bond is a treasure chest of stories. His lucid language and compelling stories are admired by children and adults alike. Read a dozen of delicious fiction, non-fiction as well as poems which resemble India’s simple and innocent bosom. It will surely leave you craving for more!


Exit West by Mohsin Hamid:

A light yet beautiful read that will make room in your heart with eloquent sentences that sound poetic. Savagely independent Nadia and overtly gentle and restrained Saeed ‘s love affair is encompassed subtly and thus keeps the readers engaged. The migration storyline is written timelessly and the writing is so lush yet fine to leave you satisfied for having taken this one.