7 Reasons Why You Need To Read Jenny Han’s “To All The Boys I Have Loved Before”

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Have you ever faced one of those monotonous days when you just throb for some cool teen chick flick? A distinctive romantic story that you’ve listened hundreds of times but still captivates you? This one unquestionably suits the criteria.

Jenny Han’s “To all the boys I have loved before” is nothing less of a cute romantic chick flick, one that can be read by all sorts of teenagers. No, it is not a guide on how to fall in love or tips for a successful relationship. Rather, it is the story of Lara Jean, a sixteen year old girl who writes love letters for every boy she has ever loved in her life. She keeps those letters in a small hatbox gifted by her mother. She had poured all her emotions and things she would never dare to say in real life as the letters will be with her only. But everything gets upside down, until one day all her letters get mailed to the boys. And yes, Lara’s love and twisted emotions travel from the fantasy and start to go out of control.

So, why you should read Jenny Han’s- To all the boys I have ever loved?

Here are seven spellbound reasons!

  1. For the love of Lara Jean:

The character of Lara Jean, the protagonist of the story has been portrayed in the most lucid and marvellous way. Jenny Han projected the title role innocent and calm. Lara loves to do journaling and scrapbooking with the purpose of escaping the reality and getting into her fantasy world. That’s exactly how she got into letter writing. Lara Jean’s love for baking and cooking started from Jenny Han’s love for said and because she believes that food connects people. The author has maintained her character throughout the plot amidst all the ups and downs. Lara stays undeterred though she is quiet and demure.


In all, the author has depicted the character as a homely girl with fantastical dreams, a character which will be liked by all teens especially girls.


  1. The letters written by Lara:

Here is a confession- “To all the boys I have loved before” starts off very slow. It travels very lengthy and often time consuming. Certain scenes seem to be able to be predicted before you reach to it. But no, do not put the book away. You got to wait. Because then you will be hit by what you were cringing for the most- the letters. All the lovely romance, family drama, transformation, heartbreaks just start to click in with the letters written by the young lady Lara and trust me! You won’t feel to stop the read anymore!


  1. The plot twist! :

Oh, the novel just isn’t about the letters that Lara has written for the boys. So don’t judge the book by the title. The author has taken huge efforts to write about the deeper arenas of romance and love which is cliché (of course!). The plot twist will make every one go WOW and in surprise. The author didn’t take the book casual as it is mainly for the teens out there and Jenny’s efforts worked better than most. It is indeed so downcast and gloomy once you finish reading the book.


  1. The supporting characters :

Jenny Han didn’t fail to make every character to speak for them. All the other characters are thought of well. Each one, irrespective of the time period of their presence in the plot, have been given depth and the sense of realism. This draws the reader close to the story. You won’t feel the absence of any character as they are all in and around the borders of the plot. The reader will fall in love with all their secrets, mental baggage and the story each one has to say.


  1. The writing style of the author:

The author has written the book in a way that it speaks about each one of us. The whole book gives the typical “first love vibe” of your life. Every word that comes out of the protagonist’s mouth is filled with childish yet understanding innocence, which is why readers will love this one. It takes you back to those childish crushes you had and the embarrassing situations you ever encountered in love!


  1. You get to picture what the hero and heroine will look like:

This is the boon of reading romance chick flicks which you won’t get when you watch a romantic movie. Movies leave little space for imagination as maybe the lead roles won’t be of your cup of tea. In that case, their love and romance will not move you at all and will in turn, leave you discontented. So, why not read this book and connect the characters to yourself and those around you? To all the boys I have loved before allows your imagination to wander and gives a nostalgic, recalling experience while you are through it.


  1. Helps you recollect those dreamy days when you had just met someone new:

No matter if you are single, in a long term relationship, in a long distance relationship or anywhere in between. The puzzling, yet pleasant days when you start to suspect yourself of falling for someone is unforgettable. The days may make you either forget about it just like that. Or the days may be followed by a long lasting, meaningful love which is indeed great (but not for fluctuating hearts). So, why don’t you want to get that amazing nostalgic feel again and again, that too in the form of a book?


This one will assuredly be the favourite romantic chick flick for all readers. Why not give it a chance? All and everything related to love flows from this book and the reader couldn’t help but reciprocate to it.


So here is the verdict-

Whole lotta awesome, filled will nostalgia bringing experiences and oozing romance!