6 Books To Read About Love And Romance When Everything Isn’t “Good”

Pride and Prejudice
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At times, when you feel led down in love, you need a “peg to hang on”. As we are on our love lives, we often get to feel disheartened, experience setbacks, down in the dumps or dealing with a “lump in the throat” situation. However you may feel you will certainly not feel the best of yourself.

But what if the miracle you are pining for is right around the corner or a happy ending lurking behind the curtains?

Just take a halt and breathe. To battle with the waves of longing and sorrow, palpitations or a bad ending to the fairy-tale, we recommend you a cool, spicy list of romantic novels that can boost you up at these hard times.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Does this book even need an introduction? Jane Austen has delighted eras of readers with this masterpiece. Written over 200 years ago, the novel deals with incidents and situations related to love, relationships, disappointments and everything that you will get to encounter in your daily life. But you need to know that the book moves slow till you reach the mid pages. So stay calm readers!

Pride goes before the fall, they say. The book has an unforgettable crew of characters, a responsible plot with the flavour of undying sarcasm and the absurdities of the world. You will never get tired of the book and absorb lifesaving lessons, though it has none of the cliché romance that you will find it in today’s romance novels.

Why we recommended this book first is that it is human nature to cringe for a happy ending to a novel (so why not in reality?!). Thus said, Elizabeth and Darcy get engrossed in the sunset of Pemberley brook, which will definitely the most favourite runaway for a happy end.

A Midsummer night’s dream by Shakespeare

Evergreen writer Shakespeare is known for his romantic comedies and this one is no exception. While classic romance deals with a wide range of twisted emotions, sadness, bliss, lust carefully following the unity in time, place and action. But romantic comedy such as this one, the plot is freely played with darkness and the light alike. Not caring about logic or the actual supposed reality, it is full of satire and good natured laughter. And laughter is indeed the best medicine right?

Book buzzed recommends this book for readers who wish to have a good hearty laugh while slowly drifting through the hard times of love

Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover

Spoiler alert! The protagonist of the book, Sydney does not end up with whom she loved as the relationship turns out to be toxic and betrayal. But don’t let that change your mind. Colleen Hoover has taken up great efforts to portray the moves of love and romance, by giving the message that you always tend to meet that one kind hearted and supportive person in life, though he or she isn’t necessarily your love. Hoover has delicately described how Ridge helps Sydney to move on with her dreadful experiences along with the power of music. This book is a strong recommendation as it deals with love and healing and how you may end up happy with the most unexpected one.

Fault in our stars by John Green

Oh yes, the main character Augustus gives up his life for his lady luck. If you think death isn’t happy and heart wrenching then you got it wrong. Death need not be always the end; rather it could be the beautiful beginning to an afterlife.

John Green’s book streams through the most difficult sides of love in the raw and its purest form, brushing through everlasting impacts and sorrow. But then, that’s what makes love a never ending one. Isn’t it?

The Fifty Shades Trilogy by E. L. James

New York’s bestseller series by James, the characters Anastasia and Christian will possess, obsess and stay within one’s mind forever. The book deals with the realms of physical love, lust gradually moving on to the emotions of longing for the lost love and finally cherishing the relationship forever. Fifty shades is a bold attempt, no matter what. It leaves the readers spell bound understanding the human characteristics of sexuality and intense love.

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell

Rainbow Rowell’s Attachments at first goes a bit slow and readers may find it a little inconsistent in the coming chapters. But when you get on the hang, you will fall for it. The characters of the story are above average and extra ordinary, given the way of the author’s writing.

And the ending? It will completely satisfy you! It’s a beautiful love story stitched together with out of the box characters, the best option out there.

Attachments novel is all about love, but it also speaks about searching deep within one’s self. Readers will find themselves slowly absorbing in the story, page by page.