Books To Read If You Loved Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

When Gail Honeyman started to write the unique Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine, it was not a piece of cake for her. Yet, at the drop of the hat, the book instantly bagged the Audie Award for Fiction and the Scottish Book Trust’s Next Chapter Award. 

Eleanor Oliphant, Gail’s ordinary turned remarkable protagonist, life is a box of nightmares but her unusual wit and uncanny character make up for the uncontrollable journey that unfolds thereafter. 

What is more surprising is the fact that readers from all around the world (including us!) have fallen in love with the book. Soon to be a major motion film featuring Reese Witherspoon as the charming Eleanor, various book clubs have declared June 09 as World Eleanor Oliphant Day!

If you have given Gail Honeyman’s book a read, then there are books that you would indeed like to add in your wish list:


  1. The little Paris bookshop by Nina George

Nina George has introduced monsieur Perdu who can recommend the perfect book for any broken, isolated heart. Yet, he is not able to fix his own! Surprising as Perdu can prescribe the correct book for the hurdles faced in life, and yes, he successfully treats wounded souls. The only person he is not able to heal is himself who is still unable to digest his lost lover who left with just a letter. Temptation, at last, invites the time and the letter is read by Perdu who is then determined to travel across the rivers of France in the search for peace and ultimately, the end for his disheartenment till then.


  1. The memory of running by Ron McLarty

This is undoubtedly the decade’s novel. Very few books have the gifted charisma to take its readers on an unforgettable ride and this book does. Ron McLarty has minutely crafted the tale featuring Smithson Ide who has lost hope in life following the loss of his parents and loving sister. An obese, reserved, smoking and drunk Smith embarks on a hysterical journey of recovery and healing.


  1. When God was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman

Sarah has cast her loud voice in fiction with this amazing debut. When God was a rabbit is the story of four decades of a family whose lives get molded, changed and destined by a set of ordinary and extraordinary events. The story brushes softly through childhood, the dawn of adolescence, the losing childishness in human nature, innocence and the stiff bond between a brother and a sister.


  1. A man called Ove by Fredrick Backman

Ove is a man of firm principles, strict routines, discipline and a brittle temper which takes no time to break. Considered to be the most dreadful neighbor one would ever have, there is a “smooth as fleece” heart unrecognized. One fine morning, a young couple comes to reside next to his door and it leads into a sudden, unexpected friendship to live for. 


  1. The Nest by Cynthia Sweeney

As the name suggests, the book is about a swift, humorous and sarcastic novel of four adult siblings whose lives are molded by the birthright legacy they share. Sweeney has given birth to a beautiful cast of characters who render the knowledge about the powers of family, togetherness, dependence, and betrayal. It is a nimble yet strong attempt, tender and one of a kind.


  1. The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton

Set on the realms of the 17th century, Nella comes to Amsterdam with husband Johannes Brandt. Johannes being kind yet distant constantly locks himself up in his study, leaving Nella with his sister Marin who has a prickly tongue and cruel nature in return. Danger starts to creep in when a miniature replica of the home is gifted to Nella by Johannes. When Nella engrossed in the deeds of the miniaturist, fate decides to show its eerie face in the most unexpected ways. Is the miniature the key to escape or the reason for their own destruction?


All these books, as we believe, escalate the readers on a blissful journey of healing. The message each of these books give is an incredible one.