The Everything Under Author became the youngest booker nominee ever !

This year’s Man Booker hit the readers with a dozen surprises. The award was landed in the hands of the best and the famous writers till these years. But this year, like a bolt out of the blue, judges decided to make way for newcomers. Also, this time, women are the majority (women power rocks!), with four women and two men as the shortlist nominees. 

But what makes this year’s Man Booker prize more special is the fact that Daisy Johnson has just become the youngest Booker nominee! She set aside Sally Rooney who wrote Normal People, which was the most expected novel to fetch the prize. 

Our youngest booker nominee joins the shortlist happily which is dominated by women with her absolutely moving piece of work Everything Under. But apart from the usual and the obvious, who exactly is this young lady?

Here we are, spilling the beans! Daisy Johnson was born in 1990 and is British. She joins the stage with three other women, the author of Washington Black, Esi Edugyan; The Mars Room author by Rachel Kushner and Anna Burns who penned down the Milkman.

Daisy, who was 27 while the man Booker nominations were disclosed, has already won a bunch of other awards such as the Harper Bazaar Short Story Prize, the A.M Health prize and the Edge Hill Short Story Prize to name a few. Fen, her debut novella fetched many awards and Daisy once recollected in an interview taken during American Short Fiction in 2017, “I grew up there, in the British Fens, and when I started writing short stories it was a landscape which—without my much meaning it to—came back to me.”

Daisy told in the same interview that writing had been her favorite pastime since she was 14. Her interest lied in haunted house stories as she had lived in approximately 10 houses by the time she just turned 15! She completed her M.A in creative writing in Oxford and has been living there since then.

Though the record for the youngest Booker winner is held by Ellen Carton, a New Zealander for her surrealistic novel, The Luminaries, the whole world today is waiting for Daisy Johnson to become the winner of this year. With Everything Under, this could be the girl’s time! The judges applauded her work commenting- “The twists and turns of the book’s stories braid this together with European folk tales to create a strong narrative river that carries us to a conclusion laced with tantalizing possibilities.”

Daisy’s Gretel is the protagonist of the novel who was put up in foster care whilst her mother set out on the search for a new lover. Anthony Cummins praised Daisy for making every psychological phenomenon in the book feel more real.