Winners Of 2018 Hugo Awards

Since 1953, to be nominated for Hugo award for the exceptional sci-fi and fantasy writing is no doubt, a dream coming true for writers who love every flake and chip of science, mysterious time travel, Martians of the third world and assumptions of the future. The rocket-shaped trophy gets landed in the hands of the lucky, oh sorry, the luckiest ones, in other words, in the hands of writers who are the Gods of the science fiction genre. 

The defiant ones from the best of the best are awarded the Hugo and if you are looking for a good read, look no further! These novels and novellas will satisfy your book appetite, taking you on an adrenaline rush adventure. 

Best Novel:

 The Stone Sky by N. K. Jemisin

Jemisin who goes by the name Nora has won the trophy for the third with the sequel The Stone Sky. She has truly outdone herself in the story and contrary to many readers’ conclusions the book has the best conclusions to a trilogy people have ever come across. Simply extraordinary. 

The book spills science on every page and is the highest acclaimed piece of a trilogy of the year 2018, which began with the multi-nominated book of hers, The Fifth Season. 

Best Novella:

 All Systems Red, by Martha Wells

Artificial Intelligence has always been a segment of science that sparked human minds to research on. All Systems Red is a tense adventure by Wells that interrogates the deep tips of consciousness. The first book of the Murderbot Diaries quartet, this novella has received many awards. The first half makes readers have hearty laughs and smile a few times for the Murderbot is simply a spirit animal until it takes an unimaginable form. 

Best Novelette:

 The Secret Life of Bots by Suzanne Palmer

The Best Novelette finalist The Secret Life of Bots is the hunt for rodents by a multi-bot called the Bot 9. The inevitable and exhausting hunt for the rodents in a worn out ship is combined with tense atmosphere and amusement alike. The book is well conceived and written from the perspective of a bot, which is spectacular. If you are into robotics and love how Nanorobots take shape into a massive, giant form, “The Secret Life of Bots” won’t disappoint you.

Best Short Story:

    Welcome to your Authentic Indian Experience  by Rebecca Roanhorse

Jesse, the protagonist of the story, uses virtual reality to give customers the glimpse of native vision quest experience. It causes him to lose his dignity, but then it pays his expenses. Everything takes a twist when a tourist craves for a real and authentic experience. Rebecca has told a simple tale very well. This book is the paradigm showing the near future of sci-fi. 

Best Graphic Novel:

    Monstress, Volume 2: The Blood, written by Marjorie M. Liu

Maika Halfwolf is back in Monstress, Volume II and is on the quest against the forces determined to destroy the ever powerful Monstrum. Yet, Maika has a duty of her own: to discover the secrets being hidden about her dead mother, Moriko. Certain portions of the book feel relatable and touching. Thanks to Sana Takeda for marvelous illustrations which are very creative. 

Best Related Work:

    No Time to spare by Ursula Le Guin

Ursula being the recipient of many awards has published 22 novels, 11 volumes of short stories, four volumes of essays, 6 collections of poems and 12 books for children. She has gone all prolific with the book with many life-changing essays. Or to be more accurate life-changing lessons. At the age of 88, she has proved to be the woman of our times, strongest among the fragile and quite inspirational. For those who haven’t read the book yet, go and grab it! And those who read it, don’t you agree?